Monday, December 05, 2005


Saddam's Outbursts Well-Received by Some

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Watching the Saddam Hussein trial at home on television, Jinan Mushrif said she got chills of pride Monday when she saw the ousted leader and a co-defendant chant, "Long live Iraq, long live the Arab state."

"These are the real men of Iraq, not those who hide behind their bodyguards," the 49-year-old Baghdad housewife said with a laugh.

Saddam's repeated outbursts at the third session of his trial on charges of mass murder found a receptive audience among some Sunni Arabs, tapping into Sunni resentment of the new order in Iraq, in which their once-ruling minority community is now dominated by the Shiite Muslim majority and the Kurds.

As Hugh Hewitt and other bloggers have noted: Can you imagine WW2-era American journalism giving such sympathetic coverage to the Nuremberg defendants and their fans? "Unreconstructed Nazis cheered by Goering defiance." "Resistance of lynching defendants heartens Klan rank and file."

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