Sunday, October 29, 2006

A story from the UK on the Labour government's plans that illustrate an important truth about the Left:

Now a tax just for living in a nice area:

Homeowners in affluent neighbourhoods with good schools, low crime rates and clean streets could be charged thousands of pounds extra than those in more run down places.

Ministers have purchased sophisticated 'Big Brother' computer systems which calculate the desirability of an area based on the quality of local services and the types of people who live there.

The software, which will be used in the forthcoming revaluation of all 21 million homes in England, contains astonishingly detailed data on the number of households, even those who have pets, wear contact lenses or are vegetarian.

It allows inspectors to put a precise value on each home, based not only by its size and features, but its location.

The move is a further blow to homeowners who are facing the prospect of being fined for refusing to let council tax inspectors come into their homes to photograph any improvements.

Campaigners have warned that bills could rise by as much as four times in areas which are deemed 'desirable' - sending some bills spiralling from £1,000 to £4,000.

The Acorn computer system uses marketing information obtained from companies, such as credit card and stores, to create a detailed analysis of individuals and their neighbourhoods based on 287 'lifestyle variables'.

This includes information on the age, sex, ethnic profile and profession of residents in different 'localities'.

Highly personalised information about what families eat, drink, and earn is also taken into account.

This is why the phrase "left libertarian" is not just an oxymoron, it's a total lie. Lefty opposition to, say, the Patriot Act, or government surveillance of terrorists, is supposed to be based on their love of freedom. But they're wrong.

The Left just loves personal freedom--to the extent that it involves marrying your cat, or whatever other sexual need people feel needs government approval.

The Left just loves privacy--as long as it means the privacy to kill fetuses in peace.

But for any other personal freedom, any other personal privacy, you might as well forget it: The redistribution of wealth--the ultimate reason for the Left's existence--means that the government needs to know everything about you for taxation purposes. Like the Beatles song said:

If you drive a car, I'll tax the street,
If you try to sit, I'll tax your seat.
If you get too cold I'll tax the heat,
If you take a walk, I'll tax your feet.

But what this policy means for personal freedom and privacy is, of course, their destruction. The microtaxation of our lives requires a surveillance regime a billion times more severe and more intrustive than anything in the Patriot Act. Socialism requires it. And that's why people who say that they vote for Democrats because they want the government out of their lives are dumber than they could ever possibly imagine.

Sunday, October 15, 2006


One of the many reasons I'm not a liberal is encapsulated in the title of Barack Obama's pre-presidential run autobiography: "The Audacity of Hope." "Hope" is one of the watchwords of modern liberalism, just as it was with "The Man From Hope," Bill Clinton. My belief is:
Just what we need, another presidential administration that deals with the world on the basis of "hope."

The Clinton administration "hoped" that Kim Jong Il would keep his word, and "hoped" that Osama wouldn't. We saw how that worked out.

Trust, but verify? Nah. Trust and "hope" your enemies are dealing with you in good faith.

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