Monday, August 22, 2005

That noted metaphysician Maureen Dowd, to the warm applause of the Left, has informed us that the "moral authority" of Cindy Sheehan is "absolute." To give the exact quote:

the moral authority of parents who bury children killed in Iraq is absolute.

Even under the circumstances, it's still absurd to see the kind of people who normally laugh at the concept of "morality" as a foolish Christian prejudice suddenly embrace it. But I digress. The larger point is that Dowd is, simply, a moron. To quote one of the comments to a post at Sgt. Stryker:

Suppose my beloved teenage daughter is raped and murdered by black criminals. I go to city hall waving a sign that reads “Death To All Black Savages”. I demand that the mayor come out and confess to deliberately fomenting a crime wave to drive down property values, so his Jewish cronies can buy up the city cheap.

How different am I from Cindy Sheehan? Does my grief validate my racist and paranoid beliefs? Should I get ‘respectful’ coverage from the media? Should my association with white-supremacy and anti-semitic groups be covered up?

When Cindy Sheehan says horrific, deeply offensive things like "America is not worth dying for," she's doing exactly the same thing as the hypothetical racist mother in the above comment. Grief is not a blank check to say or do whatever you want without criticism.

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