Thursday, December 30, 2004

The Bill Clinton personality cult fascinates me.

This Washington Post story brought Clinton back to public attention, generating squeals of glee from his internet devotees:

Clinton was a leader, Bush is a follower.

I love Bill more than my little heart could ever express.

This administration can do no wrong, apparently. And they always cover their asses by criticizing Clinton, whether it makes sense or not.

And this is I still view Clinton as my president, not the dumb ass in office right now.

It's interesting as an aside that the same usual suspects who have pilloried the Bush administration for its "unilateralism" are demanding that it act unilaterally now, notably Bill Clinton himself, in a far less provocative story that appeared a day before the WP hitpiece:

"It is really important that somebody take the lead in this," he told BBC Radio 4's Today program.

"I think one of the problems is when everybody takes responsibility it's almost like no one's responsibility."

Which hardly sounds like the "coordinated international response" that the Post attributed to Clinton. But I digress.

Clinton's usual narcissistic public sorrow was as unsurprising as always. What does surprise me is the enormous amount of people who can't see through him, who actually think he's sincere. "Clinton has streets named after him in other countries, and for good reason!" gushed one internet groupie; Just guessing, but I don't think Rwanda is one of them.

I'd rather face a 30-foot tsunami than get between Bill Clinton and a TV camera when there's a tragedy that can be exploited for face time.

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