Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Well, that was interesting.

Of the many satisfying things that happened tonight/this morning, one of my favorites was the utter and total failure of the idiotic "Vote or Die" and "Rock the Vote" business. According to ABC News, only 18% of the so-called "new voters" voted in what was otherwise an extremly (for the USA) high-turnout election. 18 percent.

As I write, ABC, CBS, and CNN have refused to declare Bush the winner. And of course the Kerry campaign refuses to concede. And I think this is wonderful. This whole ridiculous episode, in an election where they lost the popular vote by 3-4 million, where they trail in Ohio by nearly 150,000 votes, only makes the Democratic party look like pinheads. And the networks' failure to declare for Bush makes then look even more irrelevant than they are.

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