Tuesday, June 08, 2004

A wonderful day. I sign on, up comes the newswire on my homepage, and what do I see but four, count 'em, four, unspinnable headlines that I suspect the AP writers had to type with gritted teeth:

U.N. Endorses Iraq Sovereignty Transfer (The UN Security Council votes 15-0 in favor of the plan negotiated by the Bush administration and rips John Kerry's favorite campaign issue into teeny tiny little pieces)

Crowds Wait Hours to View Reagan Casket (Enormous, viscerally emotional public reactions to the passing of Ronald Reagan force leading Democrats to go on TV and lie about what they thought about him)

Bush, G-8 Leaders Show Harmony on Iraq (Only two days ago the headline was Weakened Bush Hosts G8 Summit. Tee hee)

U.S. Forces Free Hostages in Baghdad Raid (It's a quagmire, I tell you)

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