Thursday, June 03, 2004

As Joe Biden would say, illiterately, "Mea Coopa, Mea Coopa, Mea Moxima Coopa." I apologize for being such a poor blogger lately. I do have to write something soon, as Andy has requested my ATO #9 column by the end of June, in an email full of such touching praise that I want to write the damn thing right now. My brother is still in Russia, my sister is still slaying Chaos Trolls, so I don't have any family stories to share. My Memorial Day was marked by nine hours working in the store, both on ebaying and on moving stuff around. (We had a long-expected visit from the fire inspector, and for some reason he wanted us to keep the aisles in the upstairs storage area clear, the task of which recalls the labor of Hercules at the Augean stables). Tomorrow is my biweekly two-auction day, so I get to play hooky from the store all day.

And that is that.

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