Sunday, May 23, 2004

A long and eventful Saturday, as I spent the first half of the day at Wizard World at the convention center. I had not thought at all about going, as I am much too busy. There were justifiable business reasons to go, industry contacts and so forth, but I was way pressed for time. Then someone mentioned that the actress Eliza Dushku was there as a guest, so I, um reconsidered.

I suffered through the drive from hell, as we went with three customers (gamers) from the store, which was a bad mistake. Gamers are perhaps the least socialized adults in America, and their conversations consist of things that would be cute in five-year-olds but are annoying-verging-on-repulsive in twenty-five-year-olds. Gamers.

I was not about to wait four hours in line for autographs, so I just gawked from a distance. In person Eliza looks...not thinner, like I expected, but paler and more fragile, and pretty more than beautiful, except when she smiles, which is dazzling. At least a third of the people in line were female, which I kind of expected.

The second half of my day was spent at my nephew David's house, at a first birthday party for his daughter Corrinne. I have a nice family.

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