Wednesday, April 14, 2004

So Friday I went to the world premiere of Lightning Bug, the first film by longtime Buffy and Angel special-effects makeup guy Robert Hall. I went with board friends Teri77, Peter Wiggin, and XO, and we ate at the White Dog before the show (which took place as part of the Philadelphia Film Festival).

I couldn't help liking the film a lot. It was largely predictable, but most coming-of-age films are, so it was forgivable predictability. If it was "about" anything, it was about the saving power of horror movies, which I can get on board with very easily. Beyond that, I thought it was sweet and affectionate with a couple of big laughs, and Hall and nearly the whole cast got up and answered questions afterwards. A nice, good night.

Saturday night I went to one of those cooking nights that certain friends of mine have from time to time, where all of us make one dish. I made Dirty Rice, reflecting my love of Cajun food and my love of bizarre culinary improvisation (I used ground-up Herr's homestyle cooked-in-lard potato chips as an ingredient). It was the first time I'd cooked anything in a good year, so I was happy, and everyone lived, so that made it even better.

Sunday I went to my sister's house for her usual lovely Easter dinner, and I realized it had been way too long. And my nephew Peter brought a new boxer puppy that I am still trying to wash off the slobber on my face from.

And that was that.

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