Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Kind of disjointed at the moment, but I will recount some stories from my trip last week....

There is a particular radio dead spot throughout much of West-Central Pennsylvania (roughly between the four tunnels that traverse the mountains) that always make me eager to hear anything afterwards, even that most terrifying of all media, Canadian radio. I don't think there is any experience on Earth quite as odd as listening to people on CKLW talk about water treatment in the Windsor area seemingly for hours on end. Now I understand that, among other things, this is simply the culture shock that we Americans have when we encounter the auditory fugue state that is government-owned radio, but damn.

My favorite acquisition story took place in Rockford, Illinois, at a well known store filled with tens of thousands of books, LP records, and comics, where the woman who owned the place sat at her desk in front of a large bookcase filled with, seemingly, every price guide for anything ever published, anywhere. I absently picked up a Dave Stevens Rocketeer hardcover and she immediately told me what it would have been worth had it been unsigned, which it definitely wasn't, and therefore would cost proportionately more, don't you see? And I am wondering why I bothered with this one when I saw that they had a small used game section, and inwardly smiled at the thought that there is no price guide for used games. There was Avalon Hill's Dune boardgame, and vintage Games Workshop stuff, and so on...

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