Wednesday, March 31, 2004

There's nothing I can say about yesterday's atrocities in Iraq that the indispensible Wretchard couldn't say better. Here he talks about how any retaliation we could take against the monsters of Fallujah is tempered by our fear of becoming like them:

Our hand is stayed by fear that the Thing is waiting to transfer its malevolence to us. It has lost the field, but still hungers after our souls. 'Smite us', it says, 'and come to prayer; come to Islam'. Militarily impotent, it has retreated within its herd and built around itself a wall of unconquerable hate, daring us to enter its cave. Here it lurks safe from bullets, for in the end a culture can be displaced only by another culture. The West cannot win the Global War on Terror until it rediscovers the wellsprings of its own belief, until it sends out teachers alongside soldiers, until it finds the courage to judge Islam, or certain Islamic sects, by a higher standard.

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