Thursday, February 12, 2004

This recent Bush-was-AWOL stuff from the media is a new low. This is somehow, suddenly, a life and death issue with the media--in spite of being based on no reportage more recent than four years old.

The whole business comes from one interview (since retracted) with one guy in 2000 who didn't remember seeing GWB in Alabama 28 years earlier. Right.

Now was this vitally important story an issue in the 2000 campaign, with Bill "sure I'll enlist--I promised, didn't I?" Clinton in the White House? No, the media never brought it up.

Was it an issue as recently as a month ago with Howard "thanks for the medical deferment, I'm off to the slopes" Dean as the D frontrunner? No, the media never brought it up.

But with John "By the way, I was in Vietnam" Kerry in the lead, it suddenly becomes a vital issue that the media demands answers on.

A new low. An all-time nadir. Shameless.

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