Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Haven't done one of these in a while...

A is for Angel the Series. Sniff.

B is for Monica Bellucci, of whom Mel Gibson says of her role in The Passion: "I told them make her uglier! More dirt, more dirt, mess her hair up, more dirt. And all that happened is she became more beautiful the more we tried!"

C is for Courtney, and also Cry For Help.

D is for Divisive, which is defined as anything you do that I don't like.

E is for Exercise. I have finally started running again, incredibly enough.

F is for Fish, as in sushi, which is what's for dinner tonight.

G is not for Good Charlotte, thank you very much.

H is for Howard Shore, from whom (according to AICN)there is going to be a nine-disc set of all the Lord of the Rings soundtrack music, which will be finding its way into my collection.

I is for Inevitable Distractions, as it always is.

J is for Jingoism, which I think is my favorite-sounding word in the English language.

K is for King Kong. I don't know about you, but I can't wait for Peter Jackson's next. And if they got Naomi Watts in the Fay Wray role, that would complete the perfection. And maybe a cameo by the real Fay Wray, who is still alive.

L is for Lent. Now, I have already given up sweets, so I will be giving up faux low-carb sweets. And Mexican food because I love it so.

M is for Martedi Grasso, the less-familiar Italian name for yesterday.

N is for Nader. Finally someone that Democrats hate more than they hate George Bush. Maybe now we can finally end his chiseling from the college students of America.

O is for Off, which I am today.

P is for Panic, one of the movie cliches I hate most. Every disaster film you can name (think Independence Day, Armageddon) is guaranteed to feature a scene of panicked people trampling their neighbors in a desperate attempt to flee. In reality people really are better than that--recall the images of people calmly descending the World Trade Center on 9/11, or the million people who evacuated Manhattan that day without incident.

Q is for Quills, the loving tribute to the Marquis de Sade that New York Daily News reviewer Jami Bernard raved about. But The Passion of the Christ? It's "a compendium of tortures that would horrify the regulars at an S&M club." William Donohue has a great piece identifying the hypocrisy of film reviewers who are suddenly horrified by violence.

R is for Rights. I really hate debates like the current one on gay marriage because they invariably give a forum to people who know nothing about the Constitution to drone on about the Constitution. The next time I hear a person say "The Constitution gives us the right to..." I will throw things. The Constitution is very clear on this: It does not bestow rights because, as the Declaration makes clear, all rights come from the Creator. That is to say, we have them inherently. What the Constitution does is limit the ability of the government to infringe on rights. This is an extremely important distinction.

S is for Sharpton. "People keep saying the campaign's in disarray. It's not. To be in disarray, you have to be in array first."--Kevin Gray, former Al Sharpton campaign coordinator. The thought of Reverend Al conducting high-level peace negotiations in Haiti is giggle-inducing.

T is for Tehran, and Turnout. A recent Reuters article "Tehranis Hope to Shock Bush with Big Poll Turnout," is fascinating for its insights into...Reuters. You have to read it carefully to notice that almost no one under thirty (70 percent of the population is under 30) voted in the election, and hence the turnout was rather pathetic. But you'd never know it from the headline.

U is for Unions, as in Civil Unions. The unreported story of the marriage amendment proposed by GWB today is that it opens up the possibility of civil unions nationwide, to be determined by the states.

V is for Van Helsing, whose trailer looks very cheesy to me.

W is for Wednesday, as in Ash Wednesday. I?m going to get ashes today for the first time in several years.

X is for X, the Unknown, probably the most underrated horror film of the 1950s.

Y is for Yak, because I felt like typing that.

Z is for Joe Zawinul, whose song "Birdland" I am listening to right now.

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