Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Some contrarian thoughts on Howard Dean: I'm actually a bit sad for him. Yeah, he was goofy and hot-tempered and totally unsuited for the Presidency. (The past tense is unavoidable now). But I thought he was almost always an honest person, which is a really, really hard thing to be in politics. This is particularly so among the Democrats because of the abject obesiances each candidate is required to make toward the special interest groups that openly oversee the party. By contrast, Bill Clinton took to the process like a duck to water because it rewards dishonesty. But I digress.

But not really. Because Dean's downfall began--if we are to believe Dick Morris--when he crossed the Clintons and got them mad at him. Morris says in so many words that all the recent revelations about Dean (presumably including information from his medical history) came from Clinton-inspired investigations run by Terry McAuliffe.

The moral of the sad Dean story is one we knew all along.

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