Monday, January 05, 2004

I have recently gotten hooked on HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm, which really is as good as the best Seinfeld episodes. It's cynical and subversive in exactly the way that comedy should be, showing us a plane of existence ruled by petty, casual cruelty so intricately and lovingly illustrated that we can't help but recognize it as our own. To call it the best comedy on television is only the faintest of praise.

Unfortunately, HBO puts it in a bloc with Sex and the City, which is a show I can't imagine most men watching for more than a few difficult minutes at a time, and not just because of the equine presence of Sarah Jessica Seabiscuit. SATC at its core is just like those Where-The-Boys-Are teen-girl movies of the early sixties, except that those didn't feature Troy Donahue taking Connie Francis from behind, for which I'm grateful (as was, I believe, Troy).

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