Wednesday, January 21, 2004

At the store today, we received a free standup display from White Wolf Publishing for their Gehenna sourcebook which they grossly underprinted, meaning we never got any. So we have a very nice store display for a book we can't get.

I spent the evening eating appalling amounts of animal flesh. With two friends I went to Samba, a Brazilian restaurant at 7th and Girard in North Philly that has only one item on its menu: The rodizio, where the waiters bring a dozen different varieties of meat from five different animals to your table and slice it for you onto your plate. It was awfully good, but--he said as he recalled the stories of Napoleon's men eating beef tallow on the road back from Moscow to keep themselves awake--now I can't sleep. 3 AM and wide awake, with a long day in front of me tomorrow. Why do I do this to myself? At least if I were eating carbs I could get a good night's sleep.

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