Friday, December 05, 2003

My sister has added her list, which is much more fun than mine:


Hollywood’s version of one of the great Christian writers of all time. Insulting in the extreme. Imagine an egg. Puncture with a pin. Remove all interior matter. You are left with an empty shell. With a hole in it.

The Shawshank Redemption

Hollywood Left again. Technically decent movie and not badly acted if you can stand watching Susan Sarandon’s toy thingy. Notice that all the “good” guys are murderers and rapists and all the “bad” guys, specifically the warden, are “Christian.” For those of you with a negative IQ, this means Christians are so bad that even murderers and rapists are saintly in comparison

The Usual Suspects

So convoluted that I had to watch the ending several times and the beginning several more times in an attempt to find some sense and/or reason in this time waster and, through it all, I just didn’t CARE


1. The sophisticated spiritual insights of Hollywood liberals again . Perhaps they confused the heavenly, bodiless beings of light (a celestial attendant of God; a messenger of God; a person having qualities attributed to an angel, as beauty, purity or kindliness) with the folks who bankroll theatrical productions?

2. John Travolta

I rest my case


So hideous on so many levels it’s stunning.

Dr. Zhivago

Take a decent book. Subtract all interesting subject matter, conversations, style. Add endless close ups of faces du jour and endless long shots of snow. Add a large bucketful of a particularly annoying theme song. Stir. Bake for several hours. Leave at intermission, at the latest. (I did).

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