Monday, November 24, 2003

So I actually used to admire Curt Schilling, even if I thought his games are boring. But he always seemed like an honorable guy. Take, for example, his interview with the Inky two weeks ago, where he made several declarations of principle:

He would accept a trade to two teams - the Phillies and the New York Yankees.

"I've said it before: If it's impossible for me to finish my career with them, I'd like to do it in Philadelphia."

"As it stands right now, there are only two phone calls that would interest me," he said. "One would be [Phillies general manager] Ed Wade saying, 'We have 72 hours to strike a deal.' The other would be [Yankees GM] Brian Cashman saying the same thing."

What about Boston? Reports have said Schilling would consider accepting a trade to the Red Sox.

"I'm not going to Boston," he said adamantly. "I never said that. I never mentioned Boston. I'm a righthanded fly-ball pitcher. In Fenway Park, that's not a tremendous mix."

So of course comes the news today that Schilling is about to sign with the Red Sox, because of (according to WFAN in New York) a $30 million contract extension they are offering.

All I can say is: Hey Curt, your games still suck.

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