Saturday, November 08, 2003

A brief visit tonight to Zern's farmer's market/flea market in Gilbertsville, way out in the sticks, for the first time in three years. This is the kind of place where--and I am not making this up--they serve battered deep-fried Twinkies. Another stand there specializes in deep-fried chicken organ meats (the new innovation, a nod to the changing demographics in Berks County, is the signs in both English and Spanish telling us what the disgusting internal organs were: I now know that "gizzard" is molleja in Spanish). Yes, deep-frying is a recurring theme at Zern's.

But it was still a wonderful trip, because there was another stand where we found six copies of the old Wizards of the Coast game The Great Dalmuti for $2.00 each. The game ebays for $20-25.

*Does the dance of capitalist superiority*

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