Thursday, November 06, 2003

A brief real-life Grrrr moment. So we discovered today that the guy who has been organizing Yu-Gi-Oh tournaments in our store has been charging people $5 apiece to play.

Payable to him.

On our free tables.

Besides being illegal--the guy is running a business enterprise and pocketing money without a sales tax license--it's incredibly sleazy. He's using our facilties on our private property that we pay rent and tax on to make money at our expense. Without even asking.

I have been gritting my teeth about this since I found out. I got it out of my system by writing up a code of conduct for the use of our tables that we'll post--which Bob or I should have done long ago--that includes no money changing hands. But really, the next time this guy comes into the store we will have words.

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