Thursday, October 09, 2003

I would be hypocritical if I objected to people reviewing films based on the political sentiments advanced in them--I do it often enough. For me, for example, the film version of Tom Clancy's The Sum of All Fears was ruined from the beginning (even before the casting of Ben Affleck!) by its cowardly decision to turn the terrorists from Muslim Arabs into Nazi Russians.

I don't mind when, say, a Roger Ebert writes politically-influenced movie reviews from the Left, or a James Bowman from the Right. What I object to is when politics robs people of their common sense. I thought of this today when I read a local reviewer's piece on the recent DVD release of Brian DePalma's Scarface, in which the writer makes himself look silly:

The film's laughable failure to cast any of the lead roles with Latin actors...seems almost unthinkable now.

I guess no one told him that the second male lead in the film, Stephen Bauer, is Cuban-American.

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