Saturday, October 18, 2003

Half the people in New York City own one of those ugly little rat dogs; I think the other half would like to own one, but I suspect the thought of having to walk behind them and pick up the droppings with their hands in plastic bags deters them for some reason. I, however, have always felt that after having looked at the face of an ugly rat dog every day, picking crap up off the street by hand would be a snap.

But that's me. Every time I visit New York City there is always at least one new odd impression the city makes on me, and this time, it was the ugly rat dogs.

The occasion of my visit was to meet my brother and go to the Metropolitan Opera. So I drove to Trenton and took a New Jersey Transit train to Penn Station where we met and then walked 30 blocks to the Met. We had a wonderful
lunch at Rosa Mexicano, an upscale Mexican restaurant across from Lincoln Center. They make this great guacamole right at your table in these big mortar and pestles made of heavy lava stone.

Then we went to see La Boheme, my first opera. I loved it, from the amazing Franco Zeffirelli sets to the performance of Hei-Kyung Hong as Mimi. A wonderful day in spite of the ugly rat dogs.

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