Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Because Hollywood abhors them, it's rare that you see a strong, idiosyncratic directorial style from the studios. For that reason, even if I didn't like Quentin Tarantino's movies, I would still force myself to find things I liked about them. Because Tarantino's directorial work is so furiously, relentlessly stylized, I find it irresistible.

Kill Bill is already one of my top five films of the year. Tarantino shows us nothing particularly new--it's the usual juxtapostion of pop-culture kitsch, hip/camp music, and extreme violence--but I love the formula. Certainly there is nothing profound in KB; the brilliance is in the confidence of the storytelling. As energetic as the fight scenes are, they still don't approach the state-of-the-art established in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, for example (though the final snow-falling-on-cedars fight scene is nearly perfectly shot). But Tarantino makes up for any shortcomings with over-the-top violence and cartoon gore, and with an enthusiasm that pumps through every frame of Kill Bill.

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