Sunday, September 21, 2003

More Carnivale love for the second episode I watched tonight:

* There is so much going on. The ensemble cast is so large and there are so many little portents being shown to us that it's hard to tell what is actually part of the plot and what can be written off as Lynchesque bizarre-imagery-for-bizarre-imagery's sake. And that only adds to my fascination.

* The verisimilitude. The period details are perfect, down to the the dialogue, where people use words like "rake" and "skedaddle" that people actually used then.

* This week we got to see a great deal more of Clancy Brown's terrifying Justin character. I love the character for multiple reasons, not least the intense portrayal by the underrated Clancy Brown. Justin is so much more nuanced and interesting than the standard "evil preacher" that one encounters in the culture these days. He also has one of the most visually interesting superpowers ever, and the scene where he takes the guy into the Chinese brothel is intense and unforgettable.

There are several other wonderful scenes, but you get the idea.

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