Friday, September 12, 2003

Busy day today. The store computer has been giving me all kinds of problems lately; yesterday I only got one lousy item up on ebay, as the screen keeps freezing and forcing me to reboot. I need at least seven windows open at once (two ebay windows, the USPS to determine postage for overseas orders, an exit viewer for the digital camera, Adobe Active Share for the scanner, a Word file with all my various templates, an Excel file where I keep records--that's seven right there, not counting keeping one sanity-saving window open for Caritas and other sites I surf).

Apparently we need better video memory on this machine--though my crappy Pentium 1 home PC has no problem with any number of windows I give it, and on my (sniff) old laptop I would have twenty or more windows open at once without a problem. At any rate, we should get the card installed after the weekend. Grrr.

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