Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Another glorious cloudless day, but the wind was finally starting to kick up by the end of the day.

I'm thinking about collectibles. I am way, way near the bottom of the materialism scale, but spending much of my day putting stuff on ebay gets me started on the subject of things I've owned in the past that got separated from me. Like I said, I don't care about material things at all, but nevertheless it still pains me to think about:

The earliest Silver Age Marvel comics. I am old enough to have bought them off the newsstand when I was a kid, and stupid enough to have given them away after I was done reading them, dammit. I am talking Daredevil # 1, Avengers # 1, and Spider-Man # 3, for Pete's sake. This stuff goes for thousands today.

My collection of eleven Steve Ditko original splash pages. This one still burns me. I lovingly collected them for ten years, and then at one point I desperately needed a car, and I had to give them up. *sobs* I sold them in 1993 to a New York City cop who would only deal in cash and required that I meet him face to face. So I had to drive to an IHOP in Port Jervis, New York, where he handed me the $4000 cash (a very reasonable price at the time--and no, I didn't ask questions), and I gave him the pages. Those damn things were the jewels of my collection, and I still miss them.

Somewhere in the return from Italy I was separated from my Sandman hardcovers with sketches by, among others, Neil Gaiman and the late Kelley Jones in them. I don't like to think about them even a little.

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