Sunday, August 31, 2003

A nice day, in which I alternately felt like I was jumping out of my shoes, or else in desperate need of sleep. It was slooooooow at the show but we still did about $400 which made it a decent weekend financially. And because of the crappy configuration of the room, Rob knocked a third off our table fee which made it even better.

I am getting more tolerant in my old age. The kind of people you see at game conventions tend to be, shall we say, less affect-conscious than most people. They will, for example, spend a half-hour talking to you about their current D&D character if you let them. This used to irritate me a bit (though not enough that I stopped doing shows, of course, or got out of this silly industry), but I guess I've finally gotten used to it, though not used to it enough to be able to actually converse in any coherent way. And also, I find that these days my sister does more or less the same damn thing with her Everquest characters, so I can't avoid it.

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