Sunday, August 10, 2003

Bob and Stu were teasing me for being so quiet at dinner tonight, and they both started telling first-impression-of-Ed stories. This was in 1993 when I was at the game distributor in the Byrne Building in Phoenixville. Stu recalled me running up to him to hand him his credit application, while Bob painted this image of me furiously banging numbers into a desk calculator while I was doing invoices (yes, we wrote out invoices by hand then if you can imagine that).

I loved that job precisely because I was so motivated that I furiously banged numbers into desk calculators when necessary. I could get motivated because I could see the results of hard work on the immediate bottom line--as opposed to, say, my recent employment at Deloitte, where it felt like I could earn or lose a million dollars for them and no one would notice. And I got way bored as a result. To correct Frank Herbert, ennui, not fear, is the mind-killer.

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