Thursday, July 24, 2003

Today was an unofficial off day for me. I spent much of it cataloguing my friend Yoki's game collection that he gave to me on consignment. There was some interesting stuff in there, especially a copy of Pressman's long-out-of-print Siege of the Citadel which oddly doesn't ebay for very much.; of course there was also stuff that will be very difficult to sell (Good Lord, pogs!). Anyone interested in a collection of almost all-Swede NHL cards?

Sports cards are a fun subject with us. Occasionally we get people asking about them, and it usually goes like, "You guys should definitely carry sports cards. There used to be this great store that carried everything, but they're out of business now. So I started going to another sports cards store, but now they're out of business too. So you guys should definitely carry sports cards!"

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