Wednesday, July 23, 2003

So today empiricism meets reality, and the result isn't pretty.

Empirically, I understand that one very important reason America is so wealthy is the economic freedom that we have, which means the fluid labor market. Where employers can grow or shrink the work force with the least difficulty, jobs will be most plentiful. Among developed countries, the alternative is the 10-15% unemployment rates they have in France and Germany, or the situation where half the economy is "off the books" as in Italy.

But when you get laid off, as I did today, it still sucks. Rueful, and a bit sad, is me.

I have lots of company: Our department no longer exists as of Friday, which is technically my last day, and several other departments are going. It's borderline infuriating though, that they spent millions to move us out to this glorious new building a couple of months ago, only to torpedo the whole company.

But I will be fine. Empirically and otherwise. Just rueful today.

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