Wednesday, July 02, 2003

First of all, I have sort of been nominated for an award, sort of. The first year of Against The Odds was nominated for a
Charles Roberts Award as Best Professional Magazine in its field--in all ATO was nominated for four awards.

And I saw T3 tonight. There were things I liked about it:

* The over the top cartoon violence-with-virtually-no-consequences, executed with total fun and gusto. It was so reminiscent of vintage Warner Brothers animation that you half expected the TX's weapons to have ACME DEATH RAY written on them. All to the good.

*The glorious face and form of Kristianna Loken, which director Jonathan Mostow lovingly devotes himself to.

* Arnold himself, who is really perfect in the role, long in the tooth or not. That slit-eyed look he gives is unique, and it absolutely dead-on captures the character.

The not so good:

* Some of the more persistent genre cliches: Why is it that, if you're this immensely strong creature that is trying to kill someone, do you get your hands on that person...and then throw him across the room? Huh? And I really have to question the one where you can hit someone in the face with enough strength to physically lift them off the ground and throw them twenty feet across the room--while somehow not decapitating or breaking the neck of that person. I really hate that one.

* The overweening amount of jokes. "I need your____" is funny once or twice, but over and over it becomes deadening. Too many jokes is a franchise-killer (ref. the Roger Moore Bond films)

But my main problem with this one is that it lacks the sense of wonder that the Cameron Terminators had. Every scene in the first two movies had me waiting for the next one, but here I found myself sitting back in the "okay, entertain me" mode, which is always death to an action film.

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