Friday, June 06, 2003

This is from an interesting article in the English version of the increasingly Islamist Al-Ahram about Palestinians displaced from Iraq after the recent war. This is from a piece designed to make us feel sorry for this one particular Palestinian who was fighting for Saddam. And I had to point out these two extremely heartwarming paragraphs among all the manipulative whining. (although it's sort of hard to work up sympathy for a fanatic who loots his friend's bloody corpse. But I digress). He's talking about the battle for the Baghdad airport around April 2-3.

The first strike on the airport by the coalition forces left thousands of soldiers dead. "I went to the site where my friend Ziad was stationed and found it full of corpses." At this point Abu Khaled's eyes filled with tears, "this is his watch," he said as he waved his hand towards me, while wearing Ziad's black sports watch.

The second strike was even more devastating, according to Abu Khaled. "There was a division 50 metres away from me, after the strike I saw nothing -- they were erased."

Now really, what more could I add to that?

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