Tuesday, June 17, 2003


My friend Lance Kandler sends out a daily quote along with a clue, usually the name of one of the actors in the film, and we have to guess which movie it's from . If you know Lance, you can figure that most of the time his choices will be either a) something from his beloved 1980s, b) a Bond film, or c) a political movie that reflects his unfortunate pinko poltitical sensibilities. ("Pathetic war-mongering life wasting elitist corporate puppet as*!" is one of my favorite Lance phrases). Despite the advantage (?) of knowing him well, I rarely get his movie quotes correct, a deficiency that I attribute to my stubborn refusal to look the damn things up on imdb, which would be cheating.

Anyway, every Tuesday, as an extra, Lance includes a trivia question. But his trivia questions are always exactly the kind of trivia questions that I hate. Here is the one he used today:

How long after activation does the Genesis device Detonate?

Now, geek that I am, I of course knew that this was a reference to events in the movie Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. But really. There is no possible way to answer this question unless you look it up or have the entire film memorized. Both alternatives are pretty terrifying, but that's beside the point. There really is no point to trivia questions so specific that the successful answerer could not have any possible life beyond the compulsive watching of the film. When he gives a trivia question like

How many TIE Fighters engage the Millennium Falcon as they escape from the Death Star?

there is no way that anyone who hasn't memorized the film can know the answer, and that is annoying. It's just wrong. And speaking of wrong, I fully dispute the following, from Quizilla's Which kind of personality disorder do you have?


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