Friday, May 30, 2003

Well, the lunch was nice. The Concordville Inn is one of those old-folks restaurants where the wallpaper, decor, table arrangements, and waiters never change from one year to the next, as a comfort to the geriatrics who form the primary clientele. Scallops in butter sauce, yum.

So I was slightly paranoid, but not too. Things will continue as they are until roughly July, when many duplicate departments will be consolidated in a process that will essentially see groups and individuals competing against each other for the remaining positions.

See, the corporation I work for is really two different corporations: An accounting firm that does audits and taxes, and a consulting firm that implements technology improvements. A year or so ago, they decided to fully separate and change names in the wake of the Arthur Anderson/Enron scandal that brought major scrutiny on companies that performed both functions and thereby created major potential conflicts-of-interest.

But now they are doing the opposite. They are combining even more closely than before, and the admin people in Consulting (where I work) will have to compete against people in Accounting for jobs.

So anyway, come July, I will have to do one of the following:

1. Find a new job
2. Move to Wilton, Connecticut (and that ain't happening)
3. Adjust to a different job in the company
4. Not change at all.

So as you may guess this uncertainty has robbed me of all ambition to do anything the rest of the day except work on my resume (don't worry, I will spare you). And finish my damn article.

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