Friday, May 02, 2003

So I saw X-Men 2 with Stu's old girlfriend Sally and her brother and their friend Ken. It was an entirely coincidental meeting--the theater was the Regal 22 in Warrington in Bucks County, where I almost never go. I was being misanthropic as usual and went by myself and there they were. I asked Sally when she was getting her license back, and she wasn't sure if it was 2015 or 2017 (It only takes one DUI, if you insist on driving without your license afterwards). The movie was a lot of fun, compared to the first one: less gosh-wow and more story.

I was in the area because I was at the store dropping off the stuff I picked up at Sports Images in Manasquan NJ earlier. Nothing really to remark about, except that I never need to see any traffic circles again in my lifetime, and the fact that my gasoline fillup in New Jersey which was thirty cents a gallon cheaper than in Pennsylvania. There really aren't many more corrupt state governments in America than the one in Pennsylvania.

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