Sunday, May 04, 2003

I'm working on a couple of things, but I wanted to include some of my favorite recent quotes:

"The Madness of George Dubya is really an example of the madness George Dubya causes in his opponents. Let us take it as read that he is not as verbally fluid as his predecessor, who was positively brimming with fluids."--Mark Steyn

And Dennis Miller made his op-ed debut for the Wall Street Journal the other day with a response to that psychotic Norman Mailer column earlier in the week. I will resist the temptation to simply reprint the whole damn thing because it's just one delicious line after another. I will just stick with:

"And as Mr. Mailer's prostate gradually supplants his ego as the largest gland in his body, he's going to have to realize, as is the case with all young lions who inevitably morph into Bert Lahr, that his alleged profundities are now being perceived as the early predictors of dementia."

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