Friday, May 23, 2003

"I don't think it would be possible to make this movie worse than the original unless they gave electrical shocks while watching." --from a post on the Game Industry Forum on a possible sequel to the Dungeons and Dragons movie

When lacking a subject, I always like to resort to that old standby, the hate list:

1. Former Congressman Bob Edgar. Not so much because of his politics, but because he was largely the author of the "compromise" on I-476 that reduced the highway from three to two lanes in each direction south of Route 3, ensuring eternally bottlenecked traffic in the southern half of Delaware County. Thanks, Rev. I pronounce your name with great sincerity every time I have to get on the Blue Route during the week.

2. The International Star Registry. I understand that people who fall for scam artists do so--ethically speaking--at their own risk. But such a nakedly obvious flim-flam act that is so widely advertised just cannot fail to make my skin crawl every time I hear it on the radio. Why can't people understand that "...your star will be published in book form and copyrighted in Washington, D.C." means the same thing as if you substituted "Brooklyn Bridge" for "star"?

3. Alcoholism. I thought of this while looking at the current Vanity Fair where they have one of their trademark mega-cast photos, this time with the entire cast of everyone who was ever a regular on Law and Order, except for Dianne Wiest (for reasons unknown) and Michael Moriarty. Moriarty's absence irritated me because everyone knows where he is--apparently living out the rest of his life in Vancouver, B.C., busily drinking himself to death. He was the person who, more than anyone, made that show, and his absence from the group photo bothered me to no end. That one episode of L&O where Zelko Ivanek (the D.A. in Homicide and the Governor on Oz) played this deeply evil yuppie convict out to destroy Ben Stone's life was one of my favorite bits of episodic television ever.

Brief related hotness break:

Fave ADA babes from L&O in order:

1. Carey Lowell.
2. Elisabeth Rohm
3. Angie Harmon
4. Jill Hennessey

4. Deinstitutionizing of the mentally ill. I'm libertarian in almost all things, but throwing seriously mentally ill people onto the streets doesn't help anyone, and is one of the prime reasons I hate cities so much. I can no longer watch movies like The Snake Pit or One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest which are, in retrospect, propaganda for deinstitutionalization. It was for this reason that this week's report of psychologists at the APA convention in San Francisco being violently assaulted by raving street people scored a perfect ten on the Poetic Justice Meter.

5. American Idol and everyone who cares about it.

6. Dinners that last more than two hours. Even I don't love food *that* much.

7. Week-long rain that encompasses an entire holiday weekend.

8. The bizarre and profoundly antihistorical attempt to find "Islamic values" in the American Constitution.

9. Katie Couric. Don't get me started.

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