Monday, May 12, 2003


G-spotgames introduces Prison Bitch: The Card Game
Hi Everyone,

G-spotgames.com is happy to announce its website is now up and that we are taking pre orders for our first game.

Who we are: G-spotgames is a new company that will be producing satire board and card games based on adult themes. Our first game, Prison Bitch: The Card Game is an expandable card game for 2 or more players.

About Prison Bitch: The Card Game:

Prison Bitch is a gard game set in the backdrop of a male prison. Each players choses on the game's "Character Decks" as his character, then pitts that character against the other players in an attempt to become the dominant prison tough man. Players must manage resources such as Thugs, Bitches, Money and Items. Thugs are used to attack the opposing players and to recruit and steak bitches. Items provide additional money income or weapons for thugs to use. And bitches are farmed out each turn to generate the character money from which to maintain and play cards from the deck.

Each Character Deck in Prison Bitch is designed to be stand alone and in itself is not expandable. But players may expand thier Prison Bitch game by adding and playing new Character Decks as they are introduced.

For more information on the various Prison Bitch products to be released and to place your Pre Order, visit us online at http://www.g-spotgames.com . Currently scheduled for release in June.

Wholesale and Retail Trade Discounts are available.

Bob Dawson
G-Spot Games

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