Wednesday, April 23, 2003


I never thought I'd hear myself saying this, but I am loving Games Workshop these days.

Bob just called me up to read me the new retailer-agreement letter he just got from GW. Apparently with the blessing of their legion of lawyers, they are shutting off all Internet sales of their products. The new policy was announced informally last week, and has only just been put into writing.

And I am thrilled.

The effect of this edict will be more than just strangling the Internet discounters. Reading the text of the new agreement, you see that marginal stores and game clubs that are just buying for themselves are going to be devastated also. A guy I used to work at Chessex with in particular is not going to be happy. His parents have a ceramics store not far away from us, and he uses their business license to order GW and other product. Up to now this has been completely permissible. I should mention that this is a guy who used to call Bob his "best friend" but after Bob's divorce pretended that Bob no longer existed. (His wife was close with Bob's ex, and it was a matter of...well, I can hear the whip-cracking sound from here). So it is with pleasure that I look forward to seeing him scrambling for product.

And in the meantime, I have the immediate pleasure of seeing the caterwauling of the Internet dealers.

Oh, and since my sister gets mad at me when I talk about hotness and such on my blog, I will post this particular notice of the Two Towers home video release without comment:

And finally, the quote of the day, from
Mark Goldblatt

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