Sunday, April 27, 2003

Today was one of those Sundays where I had to go out and get in my car and just go somewhere far away, and I tried, I really tried to. I had talked about going to the shore for a day, but I didn't want to fight the traffic. So I'm in the car, on the Schulkill, and (those of you who know me well will have already guessed the ending to this story) I was seized by guilt and in my next conscious moment I found myself in Roslyn, PA, home of Abington Game and Hobby Center, taking inventories that I didn't get around to yesterday.


But the consolation was that Bob and I got to watch the last two innings of the Kevin Millwood no-hitter. And I stopped off on the way home to see Identity which, yes, AN, is brilliant and captivating. I won't give anything about it away, but it's a very ingenious script with a great cast. I quote my favorite line:

Ray Liotta: "You got a name?"

Amanda Peet: "Paris."

Ray: "Paris, huh? Never been."

Amanda: "And you ain't goin' tonight, either."

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