Monday, March 24, 2003

The local Giant supermarket suddenly changed the recipe for their hot wings.

They have been around a four. Mind you, a nice, tasty four, just enough to remind you that you're eating something. So imagine my surprise the other day when I tried one, and I tasted, beyond the usual tang of tomato, that ever-so-slight bitterness that lets you know that something fun is coming. Sure enough, after I finish, I start to feel the burning in the back of the throat, slowly advancing until it fills the entire mouth with searing pain, radiating to the other side of the lip, throbbing uniformly and unrelievedly until finally, a few minutes later, the first other tactile experience that I am able to notice is the sensation of tears running gently down the sides of my face.


I am overwhelmed by the war today and can't write anything coherent about it. Thank God there were no new lurid little anecdotes that the media could grotesquely and disproportionately focus on, so they were forced to look at the actual military situation, which overwhelmingly favors the good guys.

I found one of the most vivid descriptions of what the days to come will probably look like in an FR post by
wretchard which I shamelessly reproduce here:

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