Saturday, March 08, 2003

It all comes back to me, every time I do this: I was not meant to be in retail sales. When Bob does these shows, I get stuck behind the counter, trying to remember the programming on the cash register while customers stand there wondering why this idiot is waiting on them, and why can't Bob be around anyway. And things drive me crazy. The rug is the second room here was just filthy, and after a while I couldn't take it anymore and ran the vacuum in the middle of the day--fortunately there were no customers in the shop at that time to receive even more proof of what a maniac I am.

And then we had Shadowrun preview figures from Toy Fair that Bob left in the packaging on the counter, like we're a frickin' museum, which drives me even more crazy. So I kept my sanity by liberating the figs from their clamshells and setting them up on the counter so people could play with them. I mean, we are a game store, aren't we? Right? Right.

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