Wednesday, March 26, 2003

An interim grade of the nets' war coverage:

The best:

Fox: Still suffers from the tendency to miss the big story, as all the nets are prone to, but they are overcoming it. Their anchors, expecially the minor-leaguers, can ask really stupid questions. (Rita Cosby asking Henry Kissinger what he thought of the 101st grenade incident. Huh?). Tonight they had a wonderful story on Brit Hume's show about how the "fury" in the "Arab street" has all but disappeared after the first few days of the war, exactly as it did during the Afghan war. Their military analysts are the best, by far. And overall I love that Fox tries its best not to stab our men and women in the back. And for that, they get a B+

The middle:

CBS gets a medium grade, considering their wonderful report on the liberation of Umm Qasr on 60 Minutes 2 tonight, with its tears of genuine joy from the locals, the people who wouldn't appear on camera because there are still Baath agents around, and Marines saying "this is what we are here for." That and Andy Rooney attacking the French the other day. :)

MSNBC. Capable of the most stunning stupidity, as when they said today that the Iraqi armor leaving Basra today was "another setback for the Coalition." I laughed out loud when I heard that, considering how that worked out for the Iraqis. But I really think that most of the time they strive to be fair, and their military analysts aren't bad. C+

The worst:

CNN. So much evil. Their military analysts--Barry McCaffrey and Wesley Clark--have a definite Clintonian, anti-Bush agenda, which colors their remarks on the current conflict. They also feature Wolf Blitzer, who will burn in hell. In other words, the usual CNN crap. D.

NBC: Tom Brokaw seems to love American soldiers when they are 80 years old, but hates them when they are 20. Tonight he could barely contain his glee when interviewing Tom Ricks of the Washington Post, who has dusted off the same "quagmire" stories that the Post was publishing in October 2001, and simply changed the Afghan names to Iraqi ones for his story tomorrow. Katie Couric is looking more bitter and hateful every day, and Brian Williams's contempt for our military is the only thing filling his otherwise empty suit.F.

ABC: Just vile evil monstrous poison, every report, every day. Each Iraqi claim is taken at face value, every American report is sneered at. Peter Jennings drips hatred for America with every word. John McWethy's press conference questions are among the rudest and most cynical. F minus.

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