Sunday, March 23, 2003

I really, really wish I could write something entirely frivolous, especially on today, International Frivolity Day (better known as Academy Awards Day). But I am feeling anything but frivolous.

I love Fox, and spend most of my time there. There is a basic, assumed pro-Americanism, and I don't think that should be too much to ask for. Nevertheless, there is a disturbing and infuriating tendency among all reporters, even at Fox, to take their eye off the ball and be distracted by the latest shiny new story.

The main story, the only real story, is the twin thrusts toward Baghdad led by the 7th Cavalry and the 3rd Infantry. That's what they should be focusing on. Baghdad will be invested very soon, probably tonight, and that's when everything will be decided. It's not that I don't care about the Americans taken prisoner by the scumbags, or the Patriot friendly-fire incident, but these are things that happen in war, things that we knew would happen.

In the overall scheme of things, the important effect of Iraq's executions of these American prisoners will be taken out on the Republican Guard divisions around Baghdad in the next three days.

The fact that there is still resistance at Basra and Umm Qasr is meaningless. They have been bypassed and sealed, in spite of all the silly carping of ignorant reporters on the subject.

Points to MSNBC for not believing the hype. I give them lots and lots of credit for spending much of the morning talking about the military goals of the campaign and what the future Iraq would look like, rather than transforming itself into al Jazeera West as CNN has essentially done.

Wolf Blitzer will burn in hell, that's all I will ever say about him from now on.

I'm reading a lot of reportage about the war on Free Republic, and the worst, absolutely the worst, is that of the Russians. The defeat in Afghanistan contrasted with our overwhelming success there seems to have infuriated them, and large parts of the Russian media seems to have dedicated itself to manufacturing stories of American defeats. I think they sense that Iraq:Chechnya as American conquest of Afghanistan: Soviet defeat in Afghanistan. They will be bitter about their recent military failures for a long time, but, in the big scheme of things, this hardly matters. Russia, at the moment, is a joke, and they will be a joke for a while.

I will hate Turkey for a long time. It would be one thing if they had declared themselves off limits to U.S. ground troops. Then the 4th Infantry would have simply moved to Kuwait, and we'd have a third force advancing toward Baghdad from the south. But they dithered and delayed for weeks, and now we have the 4th in the middle of the Suez Canal while other Americans are in harm's way. I will have a problem with one nickel of American money being spent on Turkey from now on.

Shortly before noon EST, the Jerusalem Post reported the first capture of a chemical weapons production plant, near An Najaf. Waiting for the nets to discuss this story.

General Bob Scales on Fox is my hero. He is describing what is coming up for the Republican Guard when our armor arrives in the Baghdad area, the appalling slaughter they are setting up for. "And it will happen at night."

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