Sunday, March 09, 2003

I bought a scratch-built Games Workshop model for the store from Lance Kandler, sight unseen. It was a former Games Day 1999 centerpiece used for a massive Warhammer Fantasy battle, a huge ruined Undead castle. Lance dropped it off with Bob at Cold Wars and of course I fell in love with it immediately. There is an incredible amount of detail that the builder (Ed Spettigue) put into it--holes in the walls where you can see all these little vignettes of skeletons sitting around a table drinking, arguing with each other, etc. It's hilarious. Bob of course wants to "modify" it so it can be played with in a variety of games, but I look on it as a work of art and don't want it touched. We should have pictures of it on the store website in a few weeks.

Lunch at Lapp's in Lancaster, which is actually on my list of favorite restaurants, a real oddball among a group of places mostly in Milan, Pordenone, Paris, Manhattan, and Philadelphia. It's just my favorite comfort-food place in the world. Today I had a chicken-pot pie, which is something that I almost never eat.

I'm loving, of all things, the new Johnny Cash CD When the Man Comes Around for all the cool covers (JC singing Trent Reznor is amazing), and especially for the title track, which is adapted (you'd love it, peasie) from the Book of Revelations, and is all apocalyptic and all....

The hairs on your arms will stand up
At the terror in each sip and in each sup
Will you partake of that last offered cup
Or disappear into that potter's ground
When the Man comes around?

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